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...its power is infinite'

~ Emma Holden

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By the 1980's the Country Diary books of
artist and naturalist Edith Holden,
had sold millions all over the world.

Her family were even portrayed in a TV mini-series about their lives...

Yet this was 60 years after Edith had died.

So why was she famous ?

Because she had Spirit...and so did her family.

When their beloved mother Emma died from cancer, they were all devastated.

But the Holden's had a secret...

Edith and her sisters were all Spirit Mediums, who received messages from their mother
in the Afterlife.

Later published by Edith's father as Messages from the Unseen, Arthur Holden reveals the love and laughter of a family
undefeated by death...

Now extensively updated and republished as
The Edwardian Afterlife Diary
of Emma Holden

this valuable biography not only reveals
Edith Holden's hidden psychic life,
but brings us a touching insight into the
true realities of the Spirit World.

Emma's message to all of us is, there is nothing to fear in surviving death...

'The Edwardian Afterlife Diary
of Emma Holden'

245 Pages

ISBN : 978-0-957-5007-1-6

Kindle E-Book

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'Spirit Communication takes place...'

3:37 minute clip from Episode 1 of
the UK TV mini-series
"The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"

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