Psychic Book ClubTM Publishing...

Audio of the Materialised Spirit of
nine year old Russell Byrne
and his friends...

Recorded on September 21st 1983
20 years after Russell passed away

Included in this recording are the voices of the following materialised Spirits :
Russell Byrne, Laura Lorraine, 'Boyrie', Helen Duncan, Raymond Lodge and Michael Jeffrey - who interact with people present in the room, including
Pat & Barry Jeffery, who are the parents of 16 year old Michael.

As you listen, read the notes below...

The recording...

...with music already playing, we first hear the materialised Spirit of nine year old Russell begin to communicate by tapping and banging on a table.
Then he says hello and Pat Jeffrey says hello back to him.

Next, the operatic voice of the Spirit singer Laura, comes in and she sings along with the music which is playing in the background.
She sings her own words to the song and then Russell interrupts, saying how nice it is to be here...then Laura continues to sing to the end of the tune.

Pat and others present, are heard saying how beautiful the singing is, then Russell returns to thank 'everyone for coming tonight.'

He then tells the group he has a speech to make !

As it's actually Russell's birthday, everyone present begins to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him, but he asks them to stop - and requests that instead they sing it to his newborn baby nephew - also named Russell. He comments, that because it’s the 21st today, everyone should sing the song ’21 today’ !

Russell then greets those present individually by name...then the group congratulate Russell on his birthday and he comments that there might be magic in the air tonight !

He taps on the table saying, ‘do you remember when Alan used to wave his magic wand ?’ and the group agree.
And with a Mario Lanza song playing in the background, Russell sings beautifully along with it - adding his own words...

He then tells the group he wants to tell them a fairy story…kind of !

Russell begins to tell the group there was a young man named Gary, who was married to a lady called Sharon and they were told they would
have a little boy. Russell tells the group that Gary [who is his own brother] wondered if the baby might be born on Russell’s birthday…?

Russell continues, by telling the group that now there’s now another Russell Byrne in the world !  [His brother Gary's newborn son.]
The group had no prior knowledge of this and can be heard congratulating the family. 

Russell says, that’s what this tape recording is for - then explains that the baby is his brother’s newborn son, who was born on the previous night...

He tells the group that in the excitement, the whole Byrne family, including his mother Gwen and father Alfie, are all “throwing wobblers”
- then he has to explain to the group what a ‘wobbler’ is…!  [a 'wobbler' is simply a slang term meaning 'excited and panicky']

Russell says it’s now time to get on with the proceedings…and he sings along to another song...
He's followed by the Spirit of Boyrie, who comes in to whistle along with the song, followed once more by the Spirit of Laura who completes the trio !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Spirit of Helen comes in next and speaks briefly to Barry. Then Russell can be heard banging about as he opens a birthday present
[which was brought in especially for him by Pat and Barry.]

Then he apologises for making such a mess in the room, then sings along very sweetly to another tune, then says it’s time to take a break now…

After a break in the recording, the Spirit of Pat and Barry's son Michael, can be heard speaking briefly to his parents.

Then we hear some banging about in another part of the room, as the Spirit of Boyrie is heard tapping away with some drumsticks which have been tipped with luminous paint. Pat can be heard to comment, ‘here they go, up in the air.’

Russell explains about the drumsticks, then says Raymond is here, so asks everyone present to speak to him...

Banging can be heard, as Pat explains that Russell is getting some things out of a box in the room.
[A pair of boots, a hat and a waistcoat, which are all painted in places with luminous paint.]

Russell briefly departs, as Pat explains that the Spirit of Raymond is now putting on the luminous painted boots, one at a time.

The voice of a normally silent Raymond is heard to whisper, that he’s making a little more noise tonight, as he bangs his now booted feet on the floor.
Pat explains that Raymond is now putting on the waistcoat [with luminous painted buttons and edging] and the hat with luminous spots - which helps to indicate Raymond's extreme height in the darkened room...

Barry explains that Raymond can be heard clapping quite loudly now, then Pat explains that the Raymond is patting his own materialised Spirit body, to indicate that it is quite solid. Next, Raymond walks over to a sofa in the room and at first, proceeds to lay flat on the floor, then he sits crossed legged.

Pat now explains that Raymond is moving nearer to the cassette recorder and we hear Raymond speak, in a soft low voice.
In his clear English accent, he says,
‘Hello, this is Raymond. I expect you’ll get a surprise listening to me on the machine. I do hope my voice comes out on the machine for you.’

Referring to the newborn baby mentioned earlier, Raymond says, 'out of the darkness, into the light, came another little boy, with eyes so bright.’
[This is a direct reference to his own poem about Russell, given previously and can be found in full in Gwen Byrne's book 'The Russell Connection'.]

Pat then explains how Raymond moves over to pick up one of Boyrie’s luminous drumsticks, saying, 'Raymond is showing us how solid he is by hitting his body with the stick. Now he’s showing us how solid he isn’t - by putting one of the drumsticks into his stomach...and it disappears !’

Raymond then begins to remove the luminous painted boots, hat & waistcoat as Russell known as ‘the props man’ helps him.
Russell explains that Raymond hasn’t put his voice onto a tape before, so tonight is very special. We then hear the voice of Michael Jeffrey again,
as he speaks clearly into the cassette recorder.

In his deep Midlands accent, he says his name and who his parents are, then says how exciting it is about the new baby.
He talks to his parents about other ‘little ones’ in the family, then referring to the tape playing, he says to his mother, ‘turn it up Mam.’
Michael then proceeds to sing along to another Mario Lanza tune - whilst changing the words to sing about the newborn baby Russell.
Michael ends by sending his love.

The tune continues as Laura returns and sings in her usual operatic style, to the end of the song - and the group utter their appreciation.

The Spirit of Helen returns and in her distinct Scottish accent, expresses her thanks for everyone attending - then refers to how the celebration of birthdays & anniversaries on Earth, makes people in Spirit happy too. She says it’s better to share a birthday, because there must be a lot of people who have their birthdays alone - and that it would help to pop a card through the door of those we know who are alone.

Then Helen addresses the Byrne family directly, sending her love and best wishes saying, “miracles are possible aren’t they ?"
She adds, "I don’t know how you’re going to cope with two Russell’s, my God !”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Then we hear the Spirit of Boyrie, who briefly plays on a toy xylophone in the room, over the background music.
Helen returns saying she’s sitting on one of the chairs in the room - but could just as easily sit ‘through’ it !

She asks sitters if they have any questions, then someone refers a dog, which was brought into the room by group member Charlie…
Helen then explains, for the benefit of anyone listening to the tape - that there isn’t a real dog in the room, that it's only a realistic toy !


Total time : 50 minutes