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The Biography of Ann Kent’s own story of her journey into Mediumship...

"The Spirit World have been in Ann’s life from the beginning, although she wasn't always happy about it!"

As a child Ann Kent was visited by the spirit of a young girl. Ann learned this was her sister who had died before Ann was even born. Then after his death, Ann saw her own father materialise in front of her and he looked so young. This brought the reality of the Spirit World firmly into Ann's life.

Her early investigations into psychic phenomena, include receiving a vital message during her first visit to Spiritualist Church - despite trying to hide on the back row ! She then attends a stunning professional séance, which changes her life entirely.

Ann guides us through her development as a Medium, as she explores altered states of consciousness and shares some illuminating descriptions of the places she visits. In these other realms, she meets her own Spirit Guides and together they form a loving bond of friendship, to become Ann's lifelong companions. These trusted Spirit friends help Ann in every stage of her progress, ultimately using her to produce amazing Physical Phenomena and Transfigurations. 

Amongst her experiences, Ann meets renowned psychic artist Coral Polge and works with the highly regarded Medium, Gordon Higginson. She shares her insights into some wonderful Spiritual Healing, she helps in the Spirit rescue of a friend and is even introduced to a new family member, yet to be born. Then as her workload increases, Ann's health is affected and she survives a frightening brush with death herself.

So how does Ann deal with death when it comes knocking on her own door?

The loss of family and friends is painful, even when Ann knows that death is not the end. Ann was devastated after the loss of her own grandchild, yet her Mediumship helped them to be reunited and they remain close to this day.

Family is all important to Ann and her experiences are shared by her husband and daughter, her grandson and now her great grandchildren.

This book portrays the ordinary life of a Spirit Medium and the extraordinary life of Ann Kent. A life lived 'Between Two Worlds'.

Between Two Worlds
by Ann Kent
Ebook for Kindle

124 Pages - 4 photographs

ISBN : 978-0-957-5007-4-7