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Life After Death

by Neville Randall

“Perhaps the most reassuring

and 'down-to-earth' book 

about the other side ever written.”

What if we had a direct line into the next world?
What would we ask?
And what would they tell us?

George Woods and Betty Greene had that opportunity
and they recorded hundreds of real conversations with people who had died and were reaching out from 'heaven'.

Journalist Neville Randall spent two years sifting through the recordings,
and heard voices of the dead describe how they died and what they do now.

From the voices of long-dead actors and writers, to husbands, mothers, religious leaders and soldiers - they all have a story to tell

about what happens to us when we die.

They describe where we go, what we see, who we meet

and what happens if we come back...

Neville Randall's Life After Death is a detailed account
of life beyond the grave: in the words of people who live there.


“The most impossible ingredient of death is its feeling of finality. 

The finality of parting forever from someone we love. 

The first step in accepting death is the belief that husbands and wives, 

parents and children, sweethearts and lifelong friends

will be together once again in a life beyond the grave.” 

- Neville Randall

"The perfect introduction to the work of Leslie Flint"

- The Leslie Flint Educational Trust


“Communications from the dead are still suspect.

Those who think death is the end call them fraudulent conjuring tricks. Orthodox Christians think they are the work of the devil.

Psychic investigators who have convinced themselves that communication is a reality evaluate it by how it comes...”

- Neville Randall

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Neville Randall was born in 1916. He was educated at St Peter's, Seaford and Canford School. He learnt French at the University of Montpellier and then went to Oxford to study English. He got a job in Fleet Street in 1939 but left to join the army in 1940. He served in India, Burma and the Control Commission in Germany, rising to the rank of Major. He left the army in 1946 and returned to Fleet Street. He worked on the Daily Graphic, the Daily Sketch and the Daily Mail, retiring in 1981.

As a feature writer on the Daily Sketch he became interested in the possibility of life after death. He interviewed the leading mediums of the day, including Ena Twigg, and became convinced that life after death was real. He wrote a series of articles for the Daily Sketch which were turned into a pamphlet. He was later asked by the medium Leslie Flint if he could turn the hundreds of taped sittings Flint had made with George Woods and Betty Greene, into a book. The result was Life After Death first published in 1974. He maintained contact with a number of mediums throughout his life.

Neville had a keen interest in growing his own fruit and vegetables and spent his spare time in his garden. He described the joys and travails of gardening in another book Thou Bleeding Piece of Earth. He married in 1955 and had three children. He died in 1999.