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“Recollections of Ivor James, the UK medium and spirit artist"

written by Carol Padbury

Ivor James (1922 - 1998)

   "During the mid-1970s, the British medium Ivor James visited my husband Martyn's home circle. Ivor would often draw his spirit portraits in pencil and then finish them in oils later.

                                               Carol Padbury

                  Martyn Padbury

During a sitting for my husband, Ivor drew Martyn’s guide; a Native American Chief named White Feather. As Ivor was drawing he suddenly noticed there was another face in the feathers, so he drew that too.  It was Tommy, a London Cockney, who was Martyn’s guide/main control.

Ivor then started to draw another face and commented that he had never seen or drawn one like it before. It was the face of an Eskimo by the name of Huka. I think it is a very powerful picture/face.

There is no way that Ivor James could have known that Tommy was Martyn’s main control or that White Feather was his main guide.

White Feather
drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

 After Martyn and I had married, Ivor came to visit our own circle in West Sussex many times over the years. I remember his wife Margery would sit in the lounge with our dog and spend the time knitting, while Ivor came into our circle room. They used to travel all the way from Cambridge and I served them with cucumber sandwiches and tea. Ivor was a vegetarian.

On one occasion Ivor was busy drawing with his pencil, when he suddenly he looked at me over his glasses and said, ‘well I don’t know what this lady is doing with you....she is not really a person, as such. She is more like an energy and real powerful source’. The drawing he gave me was the face of a woman with piercing eyes and what looks like a crown. She was given the name Lesquario.

drawn for Carol by Ivor James

The 'real' Governor
drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

Josef - a teacher
drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

Martyn’s guide Tommy always referred to Martyn as ‘The Governor’ - but when Ivor drew the face of a man wearing a shirt and tie, Ivor told him that this was ‘The Real Governor’!

In 1996 Ivor drew the face of Josef. It was a pencil drawing and Ivor told us that it was the face of a spiritual teacher who worked through Martyn.

Ivor and Margery James used to come to our circle in West Sussex on a regular basis. They were lovely people and totally dedicated to their work. I know Ivor also made many audio recordings on tape. They were meditations and spiritual talks about aura’s and etc..

Ivor James reading 
"Teach Me To Love"

from the Wisdom Teachings of Ivor James

Lalu - from St Lucia
drawn for Martyn by Ivor James

drawn for Martyn by Ivor James


At one time Ivor also painted the portraits of a spirit nicknamed Smiler and one of Lalu from St Lucia.

I still have all the pictures Ivor painted and for many years we were able to speak with White Feather and Tommy through Martyn’s trance mediumship. Although Huka the Eskimo never came to speak, we knew when he was there in our circle as the room would go ice cold. He is a very powerful soul.

I think Ivor James should be remembered as a dedicated channel for spirit. He had no desire to be famous, he just wanted to do the work."

Carol Padbury - July 2018

Ivor James image shared with kind permission of David James.
This report and other images are courtesy and property of Carol Padbury;
wife of trance medium Martyn Padbury. P
ublished with permission.