Psychic Book ClubTM Publishing...


In 2010
Psychic Book Club Publishing

was inspired into existence by a unique
and historic publishing house named
'Psychic Book Club'


The original Psychic Book Club
was first incorporated in London

on January 15th 1938

and began trading in March of that year.


Medium and ‘Psychic News’ Editor
Maurice Barbanell

wanted more affordable books on Spiritualism, Mediumship and psychic phenomena
to be made available to the public.

Readers were invited to subscribe to
Psychic Book Club

for up to twelve months.

In return they would receive

a new book in the post each month 

- either a reprinted classic or a brand new title.

The first editions were written by some of the best exponents of Mediumship, including;

Fleet Street journalist Frederick Hannen Swaffer, Spiritualism’s own Arthur Conan Doyle,

Medium Estelle Roberts and prolific author and Medium Geraldine Cummins...

As the popularity of these monthly editions continued to grow,

their diversity and authorship expanded to include works by

Harry Edwards, William T. Stead, Eileen J Garrett, Anthony Borgia,

Winifred Graham and White Eagle’s Medium, Grace Cooke...


Worldwide distribution meant that geography was no limitation to readers.

As global subscriptions increased, Psychic Book Club’s readership spread

to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Africa and the USA.

After war broke out across Europe
restrictions and rationing influenced all aspects of life - and the publishing industry was equally affected.

The fires of the London Blitz

hit the publishing industry hard.

Yet Psychic Book Club was not defeated

and it continued to supply its readers with books.

With paper imports at an all-time low, the UK government introduced a paper saving strategy.

The new ‘War Economy Standard’ in book production meant that fewer books were produced.

Although content was unaffected, pages were thinner, hardbacks were reduced to paperbacks

and text on the page often ran from edge to edge.


Paper rationing finally came to an end in 1949 

although some restrictions remained,

but by 1950 paper was again in great supply.

Psychic Book Club returned to the production
 of larger print runs and larger books.

The next seven years saw additional authors joing Psychic Book Club

including: Arthur Ford, Horace Leaf, Alfred Russel Wallace,

Sir William Barrett - even Maurice Barbanell himself rejoined the authorship.

Indeed, 1950 to 1957 were prolific years for Psychic Book Club

and many of those editions can still be found for sale today.

For almost twenty years,
from 1938 to 1957,

Psychic Book Club successfully produced

more than a 150 different titles,

purchased by readers all over the world.

The final publication to carry the Psychic Book Club name came by accident in 1960.

Another of Barbanell’s publishing ventures, Spiritualist Press,
published William Naylor’s ‘Silver Birch Anthology’.

It was a direct copy of an earlier edition

and the name Psychic Book Club is clearly seen on the title page.