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by Gwen Byrne
      A true story of reunion after death...

Somehow, Gwen always knew her son Russell was not destined to remain long in
this world...

When tragically at the age of nine, Russell contracted cancer and died, his parents were heartbroken.

Consolation - and the turning point - came when a Spirit Medium helped Gwen and her husband to communicate with their boy.
They were overwhelmed with joy when Russell first made contact - but this was just the beginning...

Gwen and the family, have now been reunited with Russell on many occasions and with many witnesses present, they have heard his voice, seen him and even held him.
Inspired by an apported gift from Russell in the Spirit World, Gwen and her husband founded the 'Pink Panther Society' - to support other bereaved parents and help them understand their loss.

This moving and true story of Gwen Byrne and her continuing relationship with her son Russell, makes compelling reading...

Yet Gwen insists that she isn't an author, only an ordinary housewife and mother.

Her keen communication skills are put to good use however, when we learn how her son in the Spirit World helps his mother - over the next 20 years - to gain peace of mind, knowledge and wisdom. Together they share lots of fun, along this very personal journey.

An amazing story - the story of Russell - a very special boy from the Spirit World...

To HEAR Russell during a materialisation seance CLICK HERE 

To WATCH an interview with his mother Gwen

CLICK HERE for a VINTAGE video of Russell as a boy...

After 20 years,
the long awaited sequel to 'Russell' is now available...
'The Russell Connection'
by Gwen Byrne

...containing an entire lifetime of experiences - and so many surprises !

416 pages - 20 photographs - £11.99