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The Morning Tree
A Spiritual Adventure
Claude Randall

Esoteric knowledge, safeguarded for centuries by a secret Tibetan order, is threatened by dark forces who will stop at nothing to try and destroy it.

This knowledge has the power to lead mankind into a new spiritual age - but who can be trusted to protect it? And who can release it so all of humanity can benefit?

In 1932 all Thaza wanted was to get married and look after his herds. He certainly didn't want to travel to Lhasa and beyond on a dangerous quest because of an old monk.

In 2009 all Dr Daniel Clifton wanted was a quiet life. He did not want to go globetrotting after some ancient book because of a dead monk.

Yet Thaza and Dr Clifton become unwitting players in a crucial battle between light and dark. Over the course of their journeys they are shown esoteric truths that change them and reveal the true spiritual potential existing in mankind.

The Morning Tree spans 1930s Tibet to modern day London. It offers a new way to understand life, remove the fear of death and recognise the divine that is now coming in. The Morning Tree gives hope to humanity and transformation to those who find it.

The Morning Tree:
A Spiritual Adventure
by Claude Randall
Ebook for Kindle
ISBN: 978-0957-5007-9-2