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 The Russell Connection

by Gwen Byrne

No parent expects their child to die,

yet Gwen Byrne always felt she would lose a son...

Russell Byrne died before his 10th birthday and his parents Gwen and Alfie, were both devastated. Gwen immediately began a Spiritual search for her son and what she found rocked her family's world...

In her first book 'Russell', Gwen Byrne described her loss and search for her son's soul. Her success came through the best Mediums in the country and we discovered how Russell is a natural Spirit communicator.

The final miracle came when Russell eventually materialised in solid form and wanted to see his parents again. He also had a message for his mother...
e wanted her help to try and reunite other parents with their 'dead' children !

Now, after twenty years Gwen Byrne has written 'The Russell Connection'.

More than a biography, Gwen shares 50 years of experiences of love and loss & tells how one little boy in the Spirit World found his mother and father again.

Gwen shares transcripts from genuine Spirit voice recordings of Russell and his friends (who include WW1 soldier Raymond Lodge and Scottish Medium Helen Duncan) produced through the rare Mediumship of Rita Goold. 

We also hear from other bereaved parents, who share their beautiful stories of loss & how they learned the truth - through Mediums like Stewart Alexander and Tony Stockwell - that their Spirit children do communicate...

Finally, the evolving soul of Russell Byrne inspires us with wisdom gained from his years in the Spirit World. He tells us what he's learned and how we can all communicate with our loved ones.

After 50 years the books 'Russell' and 'The Russell Connection' are a testament to continuing Love and survival after death.
Nobody really dies.

So is there is another world beyond this one ?

Gwen and others have had their proof - so perhaps we should all learn more about this place we're going to called the Spirit World - before we get there !

Gwen's Reviews...

"...wonderful. A huge contribution...will help many people."

Victor Zammit : Retired Attorney & Paranormal Researcher. Sydney, Australia.

"a godsend to bereaved parents. Deserves to be widely read.
Gwen has done a great job.

Stewart Alexander : Renowned Spiritual Medium & Author. Yorkshire, UK.


"When Gwen was a guest on my TV show,
her story was captivating and extraordinary. It is still so and gives hope to parents who are grieving."
Jenny Smedley : Columnist, Broadcaster, Therapist & Author. Norfolk, UK

...and discover how it all began
with the prequel: