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Voices in the Dark:
My Life as a Medium
2020 Revised Edition

Leslie Flint became a famous British spirit medium, not because he stood on a platform to give messages from the deceased, but because countless thousands of spirit communicators spoke for themselves at his séances. 

The voices were independent of Flint - he even spoke with them himself - and many of the voices were recorded.

By the time 'Voices in the Dark' was first published in 1971 Flint had already been a medium for over 40 years - yet he continued with his work for another 20 years. His experience and knowledge of what happens to us after death is second to none.

Flint's mediumship was tested by independent researchers time and again - and still the voices came to speak their message: that we are eternal spirits living a physical life and we live on after death.

Leslie Flint's séances and the spirit communications that he facilitated changed the lives of thousands & his legacy lives on.

Read 'Voices in the Dark' and learn how an impoverished youngster from England rose to become the most respected spirit medium of his age.

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My Life as a Medium

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